How To Get Over Your Fear Of Publishing

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Publishing

This is one of the biggest secrets of the publishing industry: how difficult it is to hit that publish button. Our stories often times keep our deepest and darkest secrets. They often share a bit about ourselves. In many cases, the characters are based on people we know or situations we’ve gone through.

Don’t tell me you’ve never had an idea for a story from a terrible breakup before. Many of our best story ideas are also the ones that leave us most vulnerable. The stories that his us straight to the heart of things. This is especially true in love stories and scary stories, where we pull from our own romances and deepest fears.

It can be incredibly intimidating to publish and thus many of us end up keeping our stories stored away in a notebook, never to be opened or touched again. And that is okay if you are okay with that.

But that’s not why we’re here. It’s not why you are reading this post. You want to publish. And you need that extra push.

Here are some ways you can combat that fear that has worked with many writers.

Publish on a website first

Try putting a variation of your story on a storytelling site. You can try writing sites and reading apps. These are communities with generally positive communities who can help you get over your fears. They may even provide some good feedback for you. This is often a great way for you to get your feet wet without having to tell everybody you know that you’ve published it. You can even use a pseudonym or username so that nobody will ever have to know that you’ve put anything online. You don’t need to tell anybody nor do you ever need to use your real name so nobody can ever Google you. This is a great baby-step so that you can get that feeling of publishing without taking the actual risk. In some cases, if the story does well, you can still get much of the upside and then take credit after the fact once you do have the millions of views already under your belt. This is especially useful and easy if you’re writing short stories or graphic novels.

Give it to close friends

Try giving it to a few trusted friends to read. Because you know this person personally, it’ll feel a little safer. It’s okay if they hate it and give you advice on it. This will help you get some needed feedback and also get you set up to share with more people after you hear from your friend. This is another baby step that might feel like higher stakes as somebody is actually judging your soul, but will get you closer to the eventual step of publishing it.

Give it to somebody you don’t know

The real test is to give it to somebody you don’t know personally. Try joining some Facebook groups for people to “beta read”. These beta-readers can give you some advice as well and is the last step you need to take to get you to publishing. You can learn how to find beta readers on Commaful.

Now that you’ve had people you know and don’t know read your story, you have now taken enough baby steps where the hardest parts of getting over your fears are now over. It’s time to take that plunge and put it out there! If you need more help, you can always check out James Altucher’s on self-publishing.