What is the Difference between a Memoir and an Autobiography?

What is the Difference between a Memoir and an Autobiography?

When it comes to writing a memoir, many people confuse it with an autobiography. The truth is, these are two different types of writing and two different types of books. In order to write an effective memoir, you first have to be able to tell the difference between the two. Whichever one you decide to write depends upon how you are planning on telling the story in the first place. If you decide that the story you’re trying to tell is more suited for an autobiography, you can write that instead, or you can change some things around to make it a memoir instead. Let’s take a look

The Memoir

The memoir usually revolves around a series of memories. It is not someone’s life story. It often focuses on a single seminal event the changes a person’s life. Memoirs have pretty prominent themes and there is a single subject often that is the moral of the story.

Sometimes, the story is how extraordinary a person’s life is or what happens to them that is completely unique to what is happening to other people. But that is not always the case. This is not the only type of memoir that is out there. Sometimes, memoir is written about an ordinary life but the narrator has some sort of profound insight that makes it worth reading anyway.

The problem with writing a memoir is that it can be really difficult to get one published. It has to be extremely good. This is because publishers get a lot of these types of books, and the market for them is very small. The books that are written around these events usually have a pretty solid narrative path and the voice of the writer has to be really compelling. Lighting one up can be a good way to get around this.

The main thing that distinguishes the memoir from other types of books is that it details events in a way that makes people see certain human truths that help them make sense of their lives. That doesn’t mean that there is overt morality lessons included in a memoir, it just turns out that way because of how the book is written. In fact, the memoir is one of the hardest types of books to write.

The Autobiography

The autobiography is a book about your life. Most people will not want to read a book about your life. The exception is, of course, if you are celebrity or well-known figure the people are curious about. But for the ordinary person, writing an autobiography might be cathartic and of interest to your family and friends, but probably won’t go much farther than that or even get published.

The Bottom Line – How to write a memoir

The bottom line is that there is some pretty stiff competition when it comes to writing a memoir. However, if you think you have the right events and insight to be able to tell that story, then you should definitely give it a try because you might be able to change someone’s life.